Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hump Day HaHa: The One Where is Andres is Super Stressed LOLWTF

Guy is fucking blown away by that pen, I'm guessing

Hey folks, how we doing?  Well that's good to hear.  I was wondering when that rash would start clearing up.  Good for you.  Anyway, here it is, another lovely Wednesday, another middle of the week where everyone is stressed and wondering what the fuck is going to happen next.  Fun, right?

This week is particularly stressful for yours truly, having to deal with some major exams and prep for the next couple of weeks.  Also, my blog has ads now.  You know you want to buy that Chromecast thing or a sexy new credit card thingy.  So fun!!! :-( Anyway, I'm taking a moment out of busy schedule to try and bring a smile to your sexy, asymmetric faces because that makes me smile.  So, if someone shit in your Cheerios this morning, I hope they ate a lot of fiber first, and I'm help to try and brighten your day.

First off, we've got a great commercial from some Europeans.  Nope, not another one about hairy women or "fish & chips," whatever the fuck that is.  This one is simple, yet effective, as a man makes a proposition that the lovely young lass just can't seem to refuse:

Clever, clever.  The second clip comes from the always awesome Mediocre Films, hot on the heals of Black Friday... what's that? Black Friday was almost three weeks ago?  Well don't you just know everything.  Jeez.  Anyway, Greg of MF down there asked people to write up his Black Friday shopping list, asking legitimate workers dealing with harsh realities that is American Greed within their liberal rights of democratic capitalism as people kill each other for Xbox Ones for items that may or may not exist:

Good times.  Anyways, hope this break helped a bit, maybe made you think I'm a jackass or something.  Enjoy your day kids, and no worries, the weekend is just around the corner, so we'll be able to DROP THE BEAT in no time.

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