Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review(?): Did I Blackout and Make Kung Fury?

                                                  via motionographer

If you've ever taken some time away from doing real things and perused through any posts I've put on here, then I have three things to say; 1. Thank you, it means a lot to me that anyone would do that; 2.  No, I don't understand half of my jokes either.  3.  You've probably noticed that I've written multiple times about Kung Fury, the Swedish 80s acid trip shot in front of a green screen that I didn't think was real, but then it was, making me wrong and feeling stupid.  For me, watching the trailer was a part of my daily routine for months, right up there with breathing and licking unknown objects.  Well, the film finally came out, free of charge, on Youtube.  In fact, it has been out for a while now.  Guess I'm a little late to the party.  If you are too, go watch it here.

                                                       via Behance

The film follows super cop and bicep-owner Kung Fury.  Yes, his name is actually Kung Fury.  Does that bother you or something?  We can't all have more normal names like Tad, or Gustav, or whatever.  Anyway, Kung goes about 1980s Miami, fighting sentient arcade machines and getting into trouble with his police chief, until Hitler shows up after traveling through time to cause chaos.  Now, Kung Fury must travel back in time to face off against Adolf and his Nazi army in order to change his present.  Oh, he also has a partner who is a Triceratops.  Yup.

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Despite being just over 30 minutes long, there's plenty of insanity packed into each scene, from mythological gods to a surprise cameo that makes way too much sense.  It's completely nuts.  I want to say more, but, honestly, it feels like it needs to be seen for yourself.  It's all shot in a grainy film style, too, capturing a great feel of 80s action films that would make Ahhnold and friends proud.  The addition of "VHS effects," such as tape scrambling and tracking issues, make it all the better.

Everything about this movie is fun, which is most likely the problem for me as someone who wants to write about it.  If I were a professional critic or writer (which my mommy totally says I am), I think I would be far too biased in reviewing Kung Fury.  Every element seems too perfect to my tastes; the overall project feels like something I would do if I had the resources and ability to make a feature.  In fact, I've started wondering... did I make this film?  Did I black out at some point in my days and unknowingly go to Sweden, change my name, and start a Kickstarter?  Maybe I had my first Tyler Durden moment, and, instead of bitching about IKEA and their Lego furniture, I went and prayed at its $1 Meatball alter.  Or maybe, just maybe, there is another me out there.  From another universe.  Where Hitler knows kung fu.  And this is his warning...

                                                                   via Youtube

Kung Fury is short and fun.  More importantly, though, it almost immediately lets you know what it is and never pretends to be anything else, giving you that quick chance to walk away if it's not your glass of whiskey.  Check it out here.  And, Swedish Me, if you're reading this: I hear you loud and clear.  Looking for a Commodore 64 as we speak.  Also: you are very handsome.

Final Review: Lazer Raptor/6