Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Fake is Real: Kung Fury Lives

Safest way to drive, probably.  Maybe.

A while back (a while, while, back... damn I suck at writing things on a normal basis), I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite trailers from 2013 in anticipation of hating all the films that they were advertising.  Thanks, cynicism!  The whole list represented the best of the best at building hype for their counterparts for my viewing interests, something that tends to be all over the place.

One trailer, however, stood out amongst the rest as being particularly interesting: Kung Fury.  Set in the neon glow and grainy camera work of an 80's coke-fueled dreamworld, a cop with SUPER KUNG FU sets to take down crime on the streets- and in the past, as he seeks to take on martial arts superstar, Adolph Hitler (guess the history books neglected that little detail).  It had everything I really ever needed in life that isn't pizza burgers covered mini roasted chickens and cheese: exotic race cars, guns, kick-ass fight scenes, a Power Glove, and a viking lady riding a dinosaur.  Just check this out, for your sake and mine:

Wonderful.  Just, beautiful (if video doesn't work here, try this).  Ernest Hemmingway would be proud watching this in terms of viewing the evolution of narrative voices using multi-faceted compositions of storytelling techniques or whatever if he saw this shit.  The only problem I had with this trailer was that it was just something made for a fake movie.  The trailer itself, it seemed, was the work as a whole; rather than a sample of the whole pig fat fried enchilada, it was the WHOLE enchilada fried in pig fat (dammit, now I'm hungry again).  I loved it, but just felt so short changed at the time.  How could someone tease me so much with everything that made me who I am today?

I can relate, buddy.  I can relate.

Well, it looks like I just have a shitty sense of patience.  Turns out, Kung Fury is real.  Like, very real.  Possibly realer than you or I, if you want to get all quantum physical with me (you don't want to get all quantum physical with me).  And my heart is overjoyed.  I'm pretty sure they made this movie just for me, as if they were reading my dream journal and just felt really bad for me.  They just missed the part about the Bengal Tigers with jetpacks and Beatrix Kiddo fighting space vampires.  But I'm sure that can be added at a later point.

Sweet nips, Grandpa!

Director David Sandberg has stated recently that they are expecting to have the final product complete sometime in March, with a release date soon after.  And how can you find this potential Oscar winner for Best Use of a Bandanna?  Why, my lovely friend, you can simply go on onto Youtube and watch it once it's been uploaded.  For free.  That is insane, and I love everything about it.  

Until it happens, though, you should go and check out their trailers, features about how they made everything, and even their website, all linked somewhere around this blog.  What am I, virtual Sacagawea?  Find it yourself, Lewis and Dork.  Let the Kung Fury commence!


Why the hell are you still here?  Go support the Kung Fury guys.  Get out of here.

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